Selamat 2017

Papua United's Selamat Tour 2017 is promoting peace and love through the beautiful game of soccer! We recently completed a four week tour of Indonesia where we visited fourteen separate locations. During these four weeks, we were involved in reaching out to the local communities of Sentani, Wamena, Gianyar Bali and Bandung by hosting soccer tournaments, running soccer camps, visiting prisons, coordinating health clinics and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. Our team of Indonesian, Australian, Canadian and American soccer players made a great impact in every location visited.  We are already beginning to plan another tour for the summer of 2018. 


Our international team made up of Austraiians, Americans, Mexican, Spanish, Canadians and Indonesians, held 13 soccer clinics, played 12 clubs, taught about Aids and the dangers of drug abuse and visited the local prison.

Glory to God for all that has been accomplished and for this second successful installment in Selamat Tour history! 

Selamat is an Indonesian word meaning peace, safety and security

Selamat Tour 2015 was a project of Papua United focused on soccer clinics, HIV & Aids awareness and peace workshops in various regions of Indonesia. 14 team members departed from the US in June of 2015 and joined efforts with Papua United players. The team toured in Bali, Sentani, Wamena, Sorong, and Bandung. They ministered creatively, in efforts to see transformation in the lives of young men and women, helping to bring "selamat" to the country of Indonesia. 

“Semua Harus Tahu” or “Everyone Must Know” is a project of Papua United focused on the teaching of HIV & AIDS awareness and prevention.

Papua is a land that is greatly and directly influenced by the devastating effects of HIV & AIDS. Unfortunately, many People know little about this virus and its many dangers. Semua Harus Tahu uses soccer, short films, and drama as a means to teach both men and women alike what they can do to help in the fight against HIV & AIDS. The project teaches that the primary prevention against HIV & AIDS is for men and women to be “suci sebelum menikah,” or “pure before marriage” and “setia setalah menikah,” or “faithful in marriage.” The primary tagline of the project is “Selamatkan Papua,” meaning “Save Papua.” With thousands of People dying from a disease that they know little about, this project, along with its many coaches and partners, is dedicated to sharing the dangers of HIV & AIDS in the land of Papua.

Papua United in both Wamena and Sentani U-12 are in training for the Danone cup in January 2018.

PU Sr. Sentani is playing in the Dofonsoro cup 2017.

PU girls in the top 4 DPR cup 2017 Sentani


Coach Marcel Koijman and Coach Marnus Hilapok recieved their AFC-D license this year.

Coach Agung and coach Jimi recieved their AFC-C license this year